The Company

Everything started with Level Land Resources. 

The Philippines, being in a sweet spot in the Pacific Ring of Fire, is abundant with young volcanic rocks. Andesite, the same durable, tropical weather-tested stones that make up those centuries old architecture in Borobudur, is locally known as Araal. Level Land Resources started quarrying andesites in 1988. But in order to meet the needs of designers and architects, the stones needed to be processed - cut, shaped, and textured to requirement. One year later, the first factory was built and produced dimension stones using in-house technology.

10 years down the road and we were incorporated as Level Land Corporation. Our growth first caught attention from Japan and so our market expanded. Later, we were doing business with the rest of Asia. During this time, we opened more quarries which gave us regional varieties of andesite as well as other types of stones such as limestone. 

Nearly 30 years now and Level Land is a brand having two main aspects from which it owes its success. The first is its distinctive design. With much experience, we developed an eye for detailing in stone design. Thus giving a particular look to our work, something that the construction industry can recognize; and our clients, experience. The other is our quality workmanship. Our masons are artists who are continuously perfecting their crafts. Some have been with us since the beginning and more have come and will.

Finally, we celebrate our history with some of our greatest works - Greenbelt 3 which won the International Landscape Environmental Design, the US Embassy, and Brent International School, making our social spaces more beautiful.